Investment in Atakoy

Investment in Atakoy
1 April 2019

Atakoy which has become a changing and developing region especially with the construction of many new housing projects in recent years, attracts the attention of the investors. It has become one of the favorite and valuable regions in Istanbul as it is in constant development and has luxury housing projects. As a result of this, in recent years, the increasing in prices of real estate properties and offices and rapid growth in the sector increase the prestige of the region.

Average Prices of Investment in Atakoy

The real estate property prices change depending on the regions in Atakoy. The average prices for 100m2 houses for sale in Atakoy 2-5-6 regions are between 2.000.000 TL and 3.500.000 TL. This is because these regions of Atakoy have sea view and are near the seaside.

The average prices for 100 m2 houses for sale in Atakoy 3-4-11 regions are between 600.000 TL – 1.000.000 TL. These regions of Atakoy are located in a more central location as they are located near square of Bakirkoy district. There are shopping malls, various shops and more areas for social life.

The average prices for 100m2 houses for sale in Atakoy 7-8-9-10 regions are between 700.000 TL – 1.200.000 TL. These regions are next to the Ataturk Airport. These regions are among the most preferred regions for the employees who work in the Airport.

Besides having a safe, comfortable and calm structure, there are many new transportation projects and shopping centers which support the social life of the people living in Atakoy. This situation makes the region indispensable for the investment. The Atakoy region is valuable for real estate property investment and has the potential to provide great returns to the investors in a short time.

Advantages of Transportation in Atakoy

Atakoy is a very central and easily accessible region due to its location. Atakoy has an important and advantageous location as it is near the E-5 highway. The subway line which runs between Yenikapi-Ataturk Airport, also passes through Atakoy and facilitates transportation within the region. The fact that Atakoy is near the Ataturk Airport is a great advantage for those living in the surrounding districts and Atakoy. Also, it has become easy to transport Atakoy and the surrounding regions with metro bus.

Marmaray Halkalı-Gebze line, one of the most important projects under construction, has been designed to pass from Atakoy, Bakirkoy and surrounding districts from European side to Anatolian side. With the approval of this project, there has been a high increase in the real estate prices in the region. It is a very important project for Istanbul, especially since it will pass through different regions with 39 stations by connecting two continents and completing this distance in 114 minutes.

One of the most important transportation projects for Atakoy, which is under construction, is Atakoy-Ikitelli subway line. The first station is Atakoy and this situation increases the transportation potential of the region, and it is expected that 12 stations are completed in 19 minutes. These two important transportation projects have led to an increase in the value of Atakoy and real estate property prices. The transportation factor in the region also accelerates the real estate property sector.