Transportation in Ispartakule

Transportation in Ispartakule
12 April 2019

The transportation problem in Ispartakule has been eliminated and new transportation network projects are developed. Avcilar, Bahcesehir and Basaksehir districts are located around the Ispartakule. The transportation facilities in these districts provide an opportunity for the people living in Ispartakule. Bus lines, especially between the nearby districts, are designed to meet the transportation needs of the residents of the region during the day.

The main transportation project, which is the most important for Ispartakule, is the subway line which runs between Esenyurt and Mahmutbey. This subway line will end in Mahmutbey, starting from Esenyurt region and passes through Bahçeşehir, Ispartakule and Tahtakale regions respectively. It is a transportation project with a total of 12 stations and it is planned to complete stations in 27 minutes. This project is very important for Ispartakule and increases the value of the real estate property in the region.

The investment prices in Ispartakule

The investment prices in Ispartakule change depending on the location, properties of the real estate property and the name of the housing projects. It is a region which is mostly composed of blocky sites, especially in an urbanized plan. Therefore, the brands of the site projects also affect the real estate property prices. The most important feature of Ispartakule for investors is that most of houses are newly built and solid.

The average prices of 1+1 houses which are generally preferred for investment in new housing projects, are between 200.000 TL – 400.000 TL. Besides being preferred for investment, it is ideal real estate property type for people who work in the surrounding areas.

The average prices of 2+1 houses which are mostly preferred by married people or elementary families are between 400,000 TL and 600.000 TL.

The average prices of 3 + 1 houses, which are preferred by the extended or elementary families, are between 450.000TL-650.000TL.

Investors who rent out their properties begin to gain from their investments in the short term. This is because the region is important for Istanbul and real estate property sector and it is expected to become a region that will provide great returns with the necessary arrangements.